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What To Do In Case Of An Abandoned Car On Your Property

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Abandoned vehicles around your property or neighborhood can be a nuisance. For example, they take up space that could otherwise get used as a playground for kids or something else constructive. The abandoned vehicles can also attract children. The children might get injured when they play around or in the vehicle. Here’s what you can do in case of an abandoned car on your property. Examine the Car Before anything else, you need to examine the car. Read More»

Pre-Towing Checklist For Your Trailer And Towing Vehicle

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Towing is among the tasks that demand you to observe all the safety guidelines. If anything goes wrong during towing, you will incur high repair costs. Have the following on your checklist before your towing service provider tows your car. Towing Vehicle You have to ensure your tow vehicle has enough power and fuel. Balance and adequately inflate the tires. Also, replace excessively damaged or worn-out tires. The wheel fasteners should be rust-free and tight enough. Read More»

Advice When Offering Large Vehicle Towing Services To Clients

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If you’ve started your own towing company that supports large vehicles, there are some important precautions you need to take since more weight and vehicle size are involved. Here are several suggestions that can help your towing company provide better experiences on a consistent basis. Make Sure Weight Is Properly Distributed When you go to set up a large vehicle on your company’s tow truck, you need to make sure proper weight distribution is achieved. Read More»