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Advice When Offering Large Vehicle Towing Services To Clients

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If you've started your own towing company that supports large vehicles, there are some important precautions you need to take since more weight and vehicle size are involved. Here are several suggestions that can help your towing company provide better experiences on a consistent basis.

Make Sure Weight Is Properly Distributed

When you go to set up a large vehicle on your company's tow truck, you need to make sure proper weight distribution is achieved. Then your drivers will have more control over both vehicles and can maneuver safely until the target destination is reached.

You won't have to guess with this aspect of heavy-duty towing if you use the right tow trucks for the job. You always need to account for the weight of large commercial vehicles being towed and then verify your tow trucks can support these totals safely. That should keep weight distribution optimal.

Account for Extra Transmission Strain

Hauling larger vehicles like tractors and semi-trucks is going to put more strain on your tow truck's transmission, and you need to account for this from the very beginning to prevent costly repairs from happening with this important component. You can try a couple of tactics.

One of the easiest is relying on a transmission cooler. It will keep the transmission fluid cool and thus keep your transmission from overheating when a lot of weight is being towed. You could also install additional cooling fans to account for the extra strain and subsequent heat your transmission will experience. 

Hire Seasoned Tow Truck Drivers

Towing large commercial vehicles is a lot different than standards cars and trucks. You thus need to make sure you hire seasoned tow truck drivers in the beginning so that you can ensure your customers have optimal experiences when using these towing services.

Seasoned truckers will know all about relevant protocols they need to follow when hauling large vehicles. These include how to load them onto tow trucks, ways to keep them secure, and proper braking and turning maneuvers. These qualities in a tow truck driver will save you expensive issues later on.

If you're opening up a towing business and offering large vehicle towing services, in particular, there are a couple of things you need to be mindful of. As long as you go into this business with the right insights, it will be a lot easier to provide optimal towing experiences to clients that are in need.