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What To Do In Case Of An Abandoned Car On Your Property

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Abandoned vehicles around your property or neighborhood can be a nuisance. For example, they take up space that could otherwise get used as a playground for kids or something else constructive. The abandoned vehicles can also attract children. The children might get injured when they play around or in the vehicle.

Here's what you can do in case of an abandoned car on your property.

Examine the Car

Before anything else, you need to examine the car. First, find out how long the vehicle has been around your property. If the vehicle has been on your property for over a month, that might be a huge problem.

If the car has a license plate, note it. It's helpful when you involve local authorities. Next, check if the vehicle is faulty, for example, broken windows or flat tires. Note all this information and proceed to the next set of actions.

Engage Your Neighbors

If you find an abandoned car on your property, engage your neighbors to find out if it belongs to them. Start with your next-door neighbor first, then the rest of your neighbors. If none of them claims the car's ownership, you may have to involve the local authorities.

Contact Local Law Enforcement

Contact local law enforcement after the car examination and investigations within your local area. You only need to do so if no one claims the car. Before contacting the local authorities, ensure you have the vehicle identification number and license plate.

The police officers will help identify if anyone has reported the car as stolen. The vehicle might also have been used to carry out criminal activity hence the abandonment after the whole act. The police officers will help you answer some of your questions.

Finally, the police officers should also guide you on what to do to remove the car from your property.

Contact Your Local Tow Truck Company

After consultations with law enforcement, it may be time to involve tow truck services. An abandoned car should not stay within your property for an extended period. Your local tow truck company will tow the vehicle away from your property and into a site that law enforcement will decide.

Remember to hire a reputable tow truck company to do the task professionally. Then, before they remove the vehicles, take pictures and document any relevant information.


An abandoned car on your property shouldn't scare you. Instead, you can follow the above procedure to process the vehicle. Your local law enforcement officers and local tow truck company will prove essential in assisting you during the process.