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Learn How To Get An Illegally Parked Car Towed From A Handicap Parking Spot

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If you live in an apartment complex and notice that people in the facility park in the handicapped parking spaces on a regular basis, you can have the cars removed from the lot by calling the towing company that is responsible for tows from the lot. You should be able to look around the parking lot to find a sign that states information about the towing company or call the management office of the apartment complex to find out which company handles the towing. Read More»

Tips For Driving In Wet Weather This Spring

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Spring is almost here! During this rainy time of year, it’s important to know how to drive safely over wet roads. The following tips will help you arrive safely at your destinations while driving in wet conditions this spring. Leave Early and Keep Your Schedule Flexible The best way to protect yourself when it’s wet outside is to leave early, drive slowly, and keep your schedule flexible so you don’t have to feel pressure to arrive on time. Read More»

On-Demand Auto Repair Service: How It Can Benefit You!

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The idea of on-demand service is revolutionizing many industries. Customers want to be able to consume services when needed, bringing the services to them instead of traveling to get the services. The latest trend in auto repair is to bring that on-demand nature into the automobile industry. What Do On-demand Repair Companies Provide? How much time would you save if you could have the mechanic come to you instead of taking your car into the mechanic. Read More»

What You Should Do If Your Car Breaks Down On The Highway

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When you are driving on the highway, and you begin to experience the common signs of a breakdown, it sends you into panic mode. Your car may have smoke coming out from under the hood, a loud clunk might have been heard, or it might even be completely dead. If this happens, make sure you act quickly and focus on getting the car somewhere safe and calling for help. Pull Over Quickly Read More»