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On-Demand Auto Repair Service: How It Can Benefit You!

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The idea of on-demand service is revolutionizing many industries. Customers want to be able to consume services when needed, bringing the services to them instead of traveling to get the services. The latest trend in auto repair is to bring that on-demand nature into the automobile industry.

What Do On-demand Repair Companies Provide?

How much time would you save if you could have the mechanic come to you instead of taking your car into the mechanic. Just list some of the things you wouldn't have to do:

  • Schedule a ride to the repair shop
  • Wait at the repair shop while your car is fixed
  • Find a ride home from the repair shop
  • Be in-town, especially if you travel, to have your car repaired

Instead, having a mechanic come to you means that you can pick when it is convenient for you, and you (and your car) never have to leave your house.

Why Is an On-Demand Service Cheaper?

Many of the on-demand auto repair services advertise that their fees are significantly lower than that of a repair shop, some claiming 30% to 50% savings. How do they get that saving?

  • Focus on smaller repairs that don't require a full-fledged shop or the services that go with such a shop
  • Remove the fixed asset costs that are associated with a typical shop, such as the garage itself, lifts, and costly equipment
  • Use certified, contract mechanics instead of hiring full-time employees. This allows the on-demand service to charge lower rates since they are not incurring the overhead costs of full-time employees
  • Use a network of wholesalers who can provide parts at a discount to the on-demand provider

What Are the Benefits to You?

Some of the benefits to this approach are obvious, especially given the focus on reducing the cost of doing business.

  • Pay significantly cheaper repair rates for smaller fixes
  • Avoid costlier replacements by performing routine and small fixes on-time; if the service can come to you, you are more likely to schedule a time for your vehicle to be repaired
  • Pay based upon a fixed duration quote. This means that a customer only pays labor for the time originally quoted; for example, if the estimate is for 2 hours, but the repair takes 4 hours, you would pay for 2 hours of labor
  • Schedule a repair visit from your phone using a simple app – no more waiting on hold

On-demand auto repair is not a substitute if your car needs some major work. For smaller repairs or routine maintenance, the convenience and cost savings make it a very attractive proposition. For more information, talk to a professional like Airport  Chevron Service.