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Learn How To Get An Illegally Parked Car Towed From A Handicap Parking Spot

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If you live in an apartment complex and notice that people in the facility park in the handicapped parking spaces on a regular basis, you can have the cars removed from the lot by calling the towing company that is responsible for tows from the lot. You should be able to look around the parking lot to find a sign that states information about the towing company or call the management office of the apartment complex to find out which company handles the towing. Once you have the number, use the following guide to know how to have the vehicles towed from the spaces so that you can use them with ease.

Discreetly Check the Plates and Windshield

The first thing you need to do is look to see if the vehicle has a handicap placard hanging from the rear-view mirror of the car or if there are handicap license plates on the car. You can do this by taking a walk around the development or walking to a neighbor's apartment who lives near the parking spot where the person is parked. If you do not see any placard or license plates with handicap symbols, the car will be towable.

Know the Make of the Vehicle

While walking, take the time to look at the emblem on the front or the back of the car so that you can identify the make of the car. You want to be sure that the tow truck driver can quickly find the car when they come to tow it. If you do not know a lot about the emblems of vehicles, you can look online for a list of the most common vehicle emblems to easily identify the make of the vehicle.

Know the Color of the Vehicle

You will need to provide the towing company with the color of the vehicle that is illegally parked. This allows them to narrow down the vehicles to the exact one that is parked illegally.

Know the Building Number Located near the Spots

Finally, determine the building number closest to the illegally parked car. There will more than likely be numerous handicap parking spots in the apartment complex and knowing the building number allows the tow truck driver to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle with ease.

When you call the towing company, they will keep your information private. The person being towed will not know that you called to have the vehicle removed from the handicap spot, so you do not have to worry about getting harassed for making the call.

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