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What You Should Do After Hitting A Deer

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Hitting a deer is one of the unpleasant experiences one may have while driving. If you have never hit a deer in the past, you may be unsure about the proper protocol to follow. You will want to go through a series of steps to ensure your safety before getting back onto the open road. Here are some guidelines to follow immediately after hitting a deer. Get Off The Road Right after the impact, get your vehicle to the shoulder of the road if possible. Read More»

How To Prevent Winter Damage When Transporting Heavy Equipment

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If you are moving your heavy equipment from one work site or one shop to another, you could be worried about it being damaged due to the cold winter conditions. Although it is true that your equipment will be exposed to conditions that it might not be exposed to in your shop, you shouldn’t worry. Following these tips can help you prevent winter damage when transporting your heavy equipment this winter season. Read More»

How To Prepare Your New Trucking Business For The Surprise Expense Of Towing

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Starting a new trucking business can be hard, especially when a semi truck breaks down. Therefore, you might want to do your best to become as well prepared for this expense as possible. To help you do just that, you will want to allow yourself a few minutes to review the following tips. Find A Membership Service There are a lot of emergency roadside assistance companies out there. Of course, not all of them are equipped to tow a semi truck. Read More»