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5 Things That You Should Mention When Calling A Towing Company

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Finding yourself in a situation in which you need to call a towing company is never ideal. However, there are steps that you can take that will make the situation much better. These are a few things that you should mention on the phone when you're talking to someone from the towing company. Providing the right communication can help ensure that things are handled as well and as smoothly as possible.

1. The Best Directions That You Can Provide

In the perfect situation, you would know the exact address of your location. However, you generally don't find yourself needing a tow truck in a perfect situation, so there's a chance that you might not know exactly where you are. Give the best directions that you can provide, including your surroundings, the nearest streets or the nearest landmarks that you remember passing. The easier that your tow truck driver can find you, the faster you can get off of the side of the road.

2. The Make, Model and Color of Your Vehicle

You don't know if someone else has been unlucky and is stuck in the same situation as you are. Don't assume that you'll be the first and only stranded driver that your tow truck driver passes. Give a quick description of the make, model and color of your vehicle. If you have flares to use, put them out, and let the towing company know about it.

3. Any Special Considerations About Your Car

If you have a lifted truck, a lowered car or a vehicle that has otherwise been altered, let someone from the towing company know beforehand. Then, your tow truck operator can bring the right equipment to load and tow your car safely and without damage.

4. If the Problem Can Be Easily Fixed

Some towing companies offer roadside services, such as changing a tire or jumping a battery. Let someone from the towing company know what you're dealing with in one of these situations; then, he or she may be able to get you back on the road rather than towing your car to the shop.

5. Whether or Not You Need a Ride

Are you stranded without a ride? If so, the last thing that you probably want to do is watch your car get pulled away while you're left on the side of the road. Let the auto towing operator know if you need a ride. He or she may help you make arrangements, such as driving you to the rental car agency or calling a cab for you.