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Getting Ready For Summer? Tips To Help When You Need Tow Services

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If you're getting ready for a summer road trip, it's time to prepare for emergencies. You never know when you're going to be stuck with a roadside emergency. That's especially true when you're taking a long trip. That's where some preparation comes into the picture. If your car breaks down, you'll need to call a towing service. If you've never done that before, read the list below. Here are four things you need to tell the tow company when you call for assistance. 

What's the Make and Model of Your Car? 

If your car breaks down while you're on the road, the tow company will want to know what type of car you're driving. Knowing the make and model of your car will help the tow company give you better service. That's especially true if your car needs minor repairs to get you on the road again or if you have an oversized vehicle. Be sure to let the tow company know what type of vehicle you're driving when you call for help. 

Does Your Car Have Any Custom Features?

If you have had custom work done to your car, you'll need to tell the tow company. Custom features often need special handling, especially for towing. Some custom features include a raised or lowered chassis or extended wheel base. If your car is lowered, it might need special handling to get onto a flatbed tow truck. Your tow company will need to know about those issues so they can dispatch the right type of tow truck. 

Do You Have Specific Passenger Needs? 

If you need roadside assistance during your trip this summer, make note of the people in your vehicle. Passenger information might not seem important when you need roadside assistance. When it comes to roadside assistance, passenger information is important. That's especially true if you're going to need a tow. In most cases, the tow company can arrange transportation for you and your passengers.

The tow company will need to know the number of people you have in your car. They'll also need to know about any special considerations. For instance, do any of your passengers have mobility issues? If so, be sure to discuss those issues with dispatch when you call for a tow. 

Are There Identifying Location Markers? 

If your car breaks down in a remote location, look around before you call a tow company. Make a note of any location markers such as road signs or unusual objects. These markers will help the tow driver pinpoint your location. Some things to look for include large rock formations or unusual structures.