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What to Expect When You Call for Emergency Towing Service

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If you need to have your car towed to a repair shop, and it is after regular business hours for the shop, you will most likely need to call and a company that offers 24/7 emergency towing. The towing company will come to get the car for you, and they will deliver it to your favorite repair shop, but there are some things you should be prepared for when you call. 

Calling For Help

When you are broken down on the road and you need a 24/7 emergency towing company to help, you may want to look for ones close by so they can get to you quickly. When you call to request the tow, the dispatcher will need to know what kind of car you are driving in order to send the correct type of tow truck to you. 

The dispatcher will also need to know where you are, what garage you want the car towed to, and they will very likely ask you for payment with a credit card over the phone. If you have a roadside assistance membership, you may be able to use that instead. Once the tow truck arrives, they will be able to load the car and take it to the shop for you.

Getting Home

Once the 24/7 emergency towing service arrives, you no longer need to stay with the car. Instead, you can have someone come and pick you up and take you home. In the morning, you can call the garage and let them know your car is there and why. 

Some towing companies will let you ride to the shop and meet your ride there, but you should always check with the dispatcher because there are some companies that will not allow riders in the truck at all. Every company is different, and most drivers will wait to take the car until you have a ride because they don't want to leave you on the roadside, but as soon as you call for the tow, call a friend so they arrive before or near the same time as the tow truck.

Long Wait Times

There are cases when you have a long wait for the tow truck to arrive. Bad weather, heavy traffic times, and many other things can affect the time it takes to get a tow. Most 24/7 emergency towing services will try and get to you as quickly as possible, but sometimes they have several jobs ahead of you. 

Once the tow is scheduled, the destination is determined, and the tow fee is paid, you can leave your car, and the company will come and get it as soon as they can. However, let the dispatcher know you are leaving the car so the tower is not looking for you, and they will come to get your vehicle, tow it, and let you know when they have dropped it off at the shop. 

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