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Tips to Remember to Avoid a Fuel Shortage on a Long Trip

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You have a really long road trip planned in the days ahead, and you think you have thought of pretty much everything. You may even have a good guess about how much gas you will need along the way. Unfortunately, many people run out of fuel on a long road trip and end up having to call on a towing company for help. Even though these service professionals will be happy to help you out in an emergency situation, some forethought may help you avoid such a situation. Here are a few tips to prevent you from experiencing a fuel shortage during a long road trip. 

1. Always Figure in More Mileage for Detours and Stops

When you plan how much fuel you will need according to how many miles per gallon your vehicle uses, always assume more miles than what is precise. Unexpected detours, idle time in traffic, and frequent stops can mean more fuel usage. 

2. Make It a Point to Refill Your Tank Even If It Is Not Close to Empty

Many travelers are going to wait until their car gets close to empty before they stop for gas. However, this is one reason why a lot of people also end up having to reach out to an auto towing service for help. Make it a point to stop and refill the tank before you get down to about a quarter of a tank, and never assume what you have will get you by to the next stop. 

3. Keep a Can of Fuel in Your Trunk for Really Long Highway Stretches

If you know there will be a stretch of highway at one point of your trip when you will really be pushing how much you can get out of a tank of gas, take a good fuel can along with you. Stop before you get to this point in your road trip, fill up your tank, and go ahead and get the can of gas full as well. You can always just put the fuel in your car later once you get past the long stretch and know you are good to go. 

Contact a Towing Company If You Do Need Help

Many travelers assume a towing company is meant more for people who have engine trouble, but most do help with gas delivery as well. And, pretty much every tow truck driver will pull you to the nearest gas station if that's what you need. Reach out to a tow truck company if you do end up running out of fuel in spite of your best-laid plans.