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Helping Roadside Assistance Find Your Vehicle

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If you drive often on the freeway or highway, then it is wise to invest in a service that allows you to get the help you need if you break down suddenly on the side of the road. A roadside assistance package can help with this, and you should keep in mind that there are a few things you will need to do so the emergency personnel can find you when you are in need. Keep reading to learn about a few of them.

Provide An Accurate Location

Some highways are extremely long stretches of road with tens of miles between each exit. And, if you have driven 30 minutes or more since the last exit, then you may have a hard time identifying exactly where you are. To combat this issue, make sure you are using a navigation system either on your car or your phone that pinpoints your location exactly. These systems use GPS and are reliable. You need to make sure that GPS is turned on at all times, and if you typically drive in areas where there is no cell service, then a backup navigation tool may be necessary. Keep in mind that most GPS navigation systems do need to be updated often, so turn on the system occasionally if you do not use it often to see if an update is available. 

In addition, you also want to look to see if there is a mile marker near your car when you pull over. If you have the option and do not need to stop immediately, then look for a marker to stop your vehicle next to. This can help the dispatcher or state police officer to locate your vehicle precisely and quickly.

Make Your Car Stand Out

As soon as you stop and contact the roadside assistance company or the local authorities, you should make sure that your vehicle stands out. If your battery is still working, then four-way flashers are a good choice. You want to keep your headlights or your cabin lights on as well. 

If you have a roadside kit in your car, then take out the emergency triangles or the flares and set them behind your vehicle at this time. You want to make sure that you remain safe when doing this, so look out for oncoming traffic and hold the item at chest high so you are visible.

Orange streamers, reflective fabric items, and even a white bag or shirt stuck in the car window can help to increase visibility if you do not have any dedicated safety items. 

For more information, contact a roadside assistance company.