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What To Do When You Are Locked Out From Your Vehicle Due To Key Fob Error

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You can get locked out of your car without leaving your keys inside of your vehicle. If you have a key fob that you use to lock and unlock your vehicle, and you don't have a traditional metal key that allows you access to your vehicle, you can get locked out of your vehicle with your keys still in your hands.

If your key fob stops working, there are a few things you can do in order to get back into your vehicle.

Get Out the Spare Key Fob

If you have a spare key fob at home or if your spouse or a friend has a back-up key to your vehicle, you can call them and let them know your key fob has stopped working. Then, you can find a safe place to wait while they bring their back-up key fob. It is unlikely that both of your key fobs would stop working at the same time, so this is a good method to use if you have a back-up key fob somewhere. Once you get into your vehicle, you need to go to the locksmith and figure out what is wrong with your key fob.

Open Up the Key Fob

Some types of vehicles that have key fobs that have a special emergency key just for this specific type of situation. Turn your key fob over, on the side opposite the buttons, and see if you can open up the back of the key fob. There may be a small button or little latch that you can use to open up the backside.

When you open up the backside, you will gain access to a little hidden compartment. Inside of this hidden compartment, you will find a small key. This small key will allow you to access your vehicle.

If your vehicle doesn't have a traditional keyhole in the door, don't worry. Examine the trim around the handle on your door. Look for a small area where the key would fit. Put the key in the slot. You should be able to pull the trim back away, allowing you to see the hidden keyhole you can use to open your vehicle.

Once you are inside your vehicle, you should be able to start your vehicle up so you can go get help with fixing your key fob.

Call a Locksmith

Finally, you can call a locksmith and ask for their help. They will come out and help you gain access to your vehicle, and they will fix your key fob for you at the same time. If the fob battery is dead, they will change it out. If there has been a code miscommunication between the fob and your vehicle, they will reprogram the key. If your car battery is dead, they may be able to give you a jump start so your key will work again.

If you find yourself unable to use your key to get into your vehicle, try out a back-up key, see if your key fob has a hidden physical key you can use, or call a car lockout service for a little assistance.