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Why You Should Sign Up For An Emergency Roadside Assistance Membership

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If you do not currently have an emergency roadside assistance membership, you might want to consider getting one. If you are not yet sure if it is something that you could truly benefit from, you will want to keep reading.

You Get Emergency Towing

You may not always be prepared if your vehicle breaks down while you are coming home from work or traveling on vacation. The last thing you would want is to find yourself in a situation where you are not able to get a tow to the mechanics shop because you do not have enough cash on you. Also, there are a lot of towing companies out there that do not accept credit cards. Therefore, the best way to make sure that you are always prepared for the sudden need for a tow is to have an emergency roadside assistance membership.

Generally, these memberships give you a certain number of absolutely free towing miles. According to, 15 free towing miles is the norm, but some companies give unlimited miles! However, if you choose a plan that has a limit, you'll have to remember that the other miles will be your responsibility--but you might still get a discount on the total price. Talk with a place like Larry Menz Towing Services Inc for more information on towing.

You Can Save Money

Sure, it costs a little bit of money to purchase your emergency roadside assistance plan, but it could very well save you a lot more money in the end. This is because there are a lot of car rental companies, hotels, and even some restaurants that will give emergency roadside assistance card holders a small discount. This can really make a difference in your budget if you find that you travel a lot for work or pleasure. If you bought a car recently, says that you should double-check your warranty to see if roadside assistance is included. Many manufacturers will provide 3 to 5 years of roadside assistance in your warranty.

You Never Have To Be Locked Out Again

Have you ever locked your keys in your vehicle? If not, it is surely something that you will want to avoid going through; and if you have, then you know that you never want to go through it again. Should you ever find yourself in such a position, you will not have to worry if you have an emergency roadside assistance membership. You can call your membership contact number and they will send a locksmith to you as quickly as possible and it will not cost you a thing.

As you can see, those few benefits alone should make it easy to decide whether the emergency roadside assistance membership is worth it to you. All you have to do now is to find the best company that will fit your personal needs.