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Driving In The Snow? Learn How To Avoid Getting Stuck

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For many parts of the country, snow is a regular part of winter. Since professional and personal obligations don't stop because there is snow on the ground, you'll need to drive through these sometimes hazardous conditions. Not getting stuck in the snow becomes a priority. In some instances, a driver's lack of knowledge when it comes to driving in the snow is the main problem. Make sure you know what not to do, so that you don't get stuck.

Extra Weight

Add extra weight to your vehicle when driving in the snow. Putting sandbags or some other heavy object in your truck is a great place to start. The extra weight bears down and puts more pressure on your tires which causes them to dig into the snow. This in turn provides greater traction.

Traction is basically the grip that your tire has on the road. The greater the traction, or grip, the easier it is for the tire to press through and avoid getting stuck. Once the snow has cleared, remember to remove the extra weight, as it can cause you to burn excess fuel.

Avoid High Acceleration

If you feel like you're stuck, the natural thing that would come to mind would be to floor the gas pedal. This won't help at all, though, and it could actually dig you into the snow deeper. Slow and steady is the name of the game.

This is especially important when you are trying to accelerate after coming to a stop. Only place your foot on the gas petal gently. This slow acceleration makes it easier for your tires to gain traction and start moving.

Winter Tires

Having winter tires installed on your vehicle will play one of the most critical roles in preventing you from getting stuck. The primary reason winter tires are better is that they have a different tread pattern than other types of tires. This is important because the tread determines the traction level, which will ultimately keep you from getting stuck.

Winter tires typically have a tread pattern that is includes a combination of small and large slits. This design makes it easier for the tires to grip around the snow, and it also makes it easier for the tire to stop.

In some situations, the snow will win the battle and getting stuck is out of your control, but don't worry. There is always a towing professional like AA Action Towing Inc available to get your car safely out of the snow and you back on your way.