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What You Should Do After Hitting A Deer

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Hitting a deer is one of the unpleasant experiences one may have while driving. If you have never hit a deer in the past, you may be unsure about the proper protocol to follow. You will want to go through a series of steps to ensure your safety before getting back onto the open road. Here are some guidelines to follow immediately after hitting a deer.

Get Off The Road

Right after the impact, get your vehicle to the shoulder of the road if possible. This will keep other vehicles from hitting your vehicle from behind if they come toward you at a high rate of speed. If it is daytime, put on your four-way flashers to alert other motorists there is a problem ahead. If it is nighttime, and your vehicle is unable to be driven to the side of the road, it is best to keep your four-way flashers off as motorists may think you are driving at a slow rate of speed rather than being stopped. Keep your interior lights on to alert them there is a problem. 

Get On The Phone

Your first phone call should be to the police to alert them there has been a motor vehicle incident. They will come to the area where the deer has been struck and will take a report which you will get a copy of to give to your insurance company. If your vehicle is not in good working order, you will want to call a tow truck to come to your aid. When you know there is help on the way, you can call your auto insurance company to inform them of the accident so you can get the process started in having repairs done quickly. They will most likely send an insurance adjuster to your home or the garage where you take your vehicle rather than at the scene of the accident.

Wait In Your Vehicle

Stay in your vehicle as you wait for a tow truck so you do not become accidentally injured by another motorist on the road. When the tow truck arrives, other motorists will be alerted of your vehicle's condition so you can now get out of your vehicle and snap a few photos of the damage. Do this from the passenger side of the vehicle to keep yourself safe. Take photos of the area where the incident occurred as well as any clues such as deer hair or the carcass itself so your insurance company knows you did not falsify information to collect money for repair. 

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