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How To Prevent Winter Damage When Transporting Heavy Equipment

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If you are moving your heavy equipment from one work site or one shop to another, you could be worried about it being damaged due to the cold winter conditions. Although it is true that your equipment will be exposed to conditions that it might not be exposed to in your shop, you shouldn't worry. Following these tips can help you prevent winter damage when transporting your heavy equipment this winter season.

Hire a Professional Heavy Equipment Hauling Company

If you are thinking about hauling your heavy equipment yourself, you should reconsider your decision if you don't have the right equipment or ample experience. Hauling heavy equipment can be dangerous and can result in the damage of your equipment if you aren't careful, and this can be especially true when the roads are icy and you're otherwise dealing with winter weather conditions. Plus, depending on the size and type of equipment that you are hauling, a heavy equipment hauling company may be able to use an enclosed trailer, which will better protect your equipment from the elements.

Empty Fluids

In most cases, it is smart to empty out the fluids in your heavy equipment before transporting to help avoid sloshes and spills. This can be an even better idea when you're hauling during the winter since the fluids could otherwise freeze and cause bursts and other damage. Just make sure that you replace all fluids before starting your equipment up again in its new location.

Cover Exposed Parts

Take a look at your piece of equipment to determine its most vulnerable parts. Some parts, such as tanks and lines, should be covered up to protect them from exposure to wind, snow, and the elements. You will also want to cover up any upholstered parts, any electronic components and anything else that could be damaged by water. Taking a few minutes to cover these parts with heavy-duty plastic can help prevent a world of problems later on and can save you money.

Winter damage to your equipment is always something that should be on your mind during the cold months. However, this is something that you need to worry about even more than usual if you are having your heavy equipment hauled in winter conditions. Luckily, checking your equipment manual, working with a good equipment hauling company (such as Santa Fe Tow Service) and following these three simple yet important tips can help you keep your equipment safe and in good shape.