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Hiring A Local Auto Wrecker To Assist You During Roadside Emergencies

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Snowy weather brings with it unpredictable driving conditions. Even when you think the roads are clear and free from ice and slush, you can head out and find yourself stranded in a ditch or involved in a wreck that leaves your car disabled.

At that point, you need to get your car rescued and either put back on the road or towed to a mechanic's shop for repairs. You can get the help that you need during wintertime driving conditions by calling a local auto wrecker for help.

24/7 Winch Outs

When you slide off in a ditch or get stuck in a snowdrift, you may not be able to free your car by rocking it or spinning its wheels. In fact, both of those attempts can wedge your car in deeper in the snow and make it even harder to get it back on the road.

Instead of asking passersby to help you push it free, you can call an auto wrecker for a winch out. The wrecker's driver can hook up his wrecker's cable to the fender or bumper of your vehicle and can reel in the cable, freeing your car from the snowy ditch.

Many auto wrecker services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, especially during inclement driving conditions. You can call the auto wrecker service even if you are in a wreck in the middle of the night or during a long holiday break. You avoid having to sit by helplessly on the side of the road, hoping that someone will stop and help you.

Accident Towing

The auto wrecker service that you can call is available to assist you after a wreck as well. When the snow and ice cause you to slide or crash into another car, you may need your car towed from the scene. It may not be in safe driving condition after the accident.

The auto wrecker can respond quickly to your location, hitch up your car, and tow it to the mechanic's shop of your choice. You avoid having to rely on the city or county to tow your car at your expense. You also avoid having to abandon it at the scene of the accident.

An auto wrecker company can winch out your car during snowy driving conditions. It can also tow your car from an accident scene and to a local mechanic's shop.